In 2021 we’ll address the latest data, research, and new developments in marketers’ efforts – online and off – to connect with, track, and influence changing consumer sentiments throughout all phases of travel.

At the end of the day, you’ll walk away with specific, practical recommendations to sharpen your action plan and thought-provoking, challenging ideas to guide your strategies – all aimed at fueling recovery, increasing revenue, driving direct bookings, and taking the agony out of marketing in a digital world.

Attendees receive credit for 8 hours of continuing education for CRME and CHDM certification and re-certification. Additional hours can be earned by participating in pre-conference learning.

Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Travel Recovery Promises More Surprises Ahead
with Clayton Reid, MMGY Global CEO, and Katie Briscoe, MMGY Global President

MMGY Global CEO Clayton Reid and President Katie Briscoe have worked with companies around the world to reset strategy, understand the new traveler, and develop relevant marketing initiatives that are driving important success stories. Considered some of travel’s top marketing and strategic planning minds, they have continually led our industry through recovery with timely and important views. In a joint discussion Clayton and Katie will share actionable insights around a series of timely topics related to leisure, commercial, and group segments.


GENERAL SESSION: Drive Leisure Demand & Engage the Leisure Traveler

As we look ahead to the rest of 2021, assuming continued progress with vaccinations and an improving consumer and macroeconomic environment in many regions around the world, the pace of the global recovery will continue to accelerate. While trends will vary by region, overall leisure demand will strengthen further into the summer months and beyond.

Join this session to learn expert tips, tactics and strategies to continue to attract and maintain that loyal, leisure, flexcation traveler!

  • Ashish Arya, Global Head of Strategy & Marketing, Travel, Pinterest
  • Marina MacDonald, CHDM, CMO, Red Roof, and chair of HSMAI’s Americas Board of Directors
  • Andrew Kandel, Director, Head of Sales, Waze
  • Amanda Szabo, CEO & Founder, ResortPass
  • Moderated by Dan Wacksman CHDM, CRME, CHBA Principal Sassato LLC, and past chair of HSMAI’s Marketing Advisory Board

View from the Top: Leading Marketing in a Post-Pandemic Landscape

This panel of leading hotel marketing executives will bring their diverse perspectives to bear on current events in the hotel marketing landscape, what the future holds for marketing hotels in the digital world, and other important issues affecting the industry today. It is a candid conversation with actionable insights that you’ll only hear at HSMAI – the industry’s only organization committed to fueling sales, inspiring marketing, and optimizing revenue for hotels and their partners.

  • Lisa Checchio, Chief Marketing Officer, Wyndham Hotels & Resorts
  • Dorothy Dowling, Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer, Best Western Hotels & Resorts
  • Caroline MacDonald, Group Vice President Sales & Marketing, Rosewood Hotel Group
  • Moderated by Bob Gilbert, President & CEO, HSMAI

THE LIGHTNING ROUND: Insights Worth Sharing

It’s an HSMAI tradition: marketing executives will share their interesting ideas and case studies for driving revenue and profit. In 6 minutes & 40 seconds, each will share best practices with practical takeaways that you can use to sharpen every-day skills and boost property performance, or strategic insights that broaden your perspectives and help you better understand key issues and concepts that impact the strategic and leadership aspects of the marketing discipline.

You’ll hear from:

  • Jessica Davidson, CHDM, SVP, Digital, Wyndham Hotels & Resorts…on the road trip traveler
  • Monty White, CHDM, Director of Marketing, Irving TX CVB…on a staycations campaign case study
  • Holly Zoba, CHDM, Principal, Scout Simply…on how marketers can support their company’s sellers’ use of LinkedIn and positioning on it
  • Stuart Butler, CHDM, Chief Marketing Officer, Myrtle Beach Convention & Visitors Bureau…on getting back to basics with a focus on content, data, and customer experience

Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Nine breakout sessions over the course of the day will address the most important issues facing hotel marketers. Additional information, including speakers, is added regularly. Topics on tap include:

The Best Stories Start with Listening

Your customers are always talking (a lot). With constantly evolving trends and opinions, being able to tap into these insights in real-time can give you a marketing edge. In this session we will give you some tips and tools to harness these insights to stay relevant. We’ll cover:

  • Social platforms & the features you may want to harness in the current landscape (and the KPIs tied to them).
  • Tools and resources to identify relevant consumer insights and trends.
  • How to obtain actionable insights from social media to drive your marketing strategy.

Mandy Gill, VP Global Marketing, Marriott International
Dylan Ellsworth, CHDM, Director, Brand Marketing & Creative – Gaylord Hotels, Marriott International

Beyond Rooms: Positioning Ancillary Assets to Drive Revenue

While room revenue is the biggest single revenue generator for most properties, effectively marketing other revenue drivers can lead to huge profits. This session will deliver strategies and tactical tips to position and market your ancillary assets—from the obvious (dining, golf, and spa) to the non-traditional (parking, rooftop space, and in-room safes)—for increased revenue and profit contribution.

Nancy Johns, SVP of Interactive Marketing + Digital Solutions, Crescent Hotels & Resorts
Sara Harper, Corporate Director of Marketing & E-Commerce, KSL Resorts

Avoiding Post-Pandemic Legal Landmines

Regulations around privacy, ADA, distribution, and data security are among the issues and uncertainties facing marketing professionals in today’s legal landscape. Greg Duff, Principal at Foster Garvey PC and a favorite speaker of HSMAI audiences at executive roundtables, conferences, and webinars, will prepare you to address the big issues of today and prepare for those on the horizon. Among the topics he’ll cover are:

  • Privacy—from GDPR Updates to third-party cookies
  • ADA and website liability
  • Price matching and other distribution-related concerns
  • Data security and lessons learned from a recent data breach

Greg Duff, Principal, Foster Garvey PC

Capitalize on Commercial Strategy to Drive Market Share

Marketing, sales, and revenue management teams have the biggest impact on incoming revenue. To capitalize on their synergies, many hotel companies are aligning them—and their goals and performance metrics—through a single leader who oversees all aspects of revenue generation: the Chief Commercial Officer (CCO).

From a very practical and realistic perspective, this session will give you insights into how—especially in this time of fewer human and financial resources for hotel teams—this strategy can create operational efficiencies and elevate the marketing team’s performance. We’ll leave you with concrete tactical take-aways that will help the marketing team—from the VP to the marketing manager—implement and complement the CCO’s goal of bringing the “three legs of the stool” together.

Tom Buoy, CRME, EVP, Chief Commercial Officer, Radisson Hotel Group
Andrew Flack, Chief Commercial Officer, Marcus Hotels & Resorts
Raul Moronta, CRME, Chief Commercial Officer, Remington Hotels
Moderated by Flo Lugli, Principal, Navesink Advisory Group LLC

Defining Success in the New Market

The beauty and the challenge of digital marketing is that almost everything is trackable and measurable. We have audience demographics and behavior data, acquisition data, and ecommerce data—with each category including a tremendous number of data points.

As digital marketers are faced with mountains data, it is increasingly vital to focus on the most significant and relevant information available to make decisions and act. This session will answer key questions to guide your success measurement in 2022 and beyond, including: What is the right data to pay attention to today? How can you best measure how well you’re performing? How do you make sure that what you’re spending is giving you a good return? How are industry thought-leaders approaching KPIs? And what is the path forward?

Stephanie Smith Founder & Digital Matriarch Cogwheel Marketing
Melissa Kavanagh, Digital Analytics Senior Manager, Westgate Resorts

COLLABORATE: Tactical Roundtables on Big Marketing Issues

Industry experts and well-known keynoters offer lots of takeaways and insights, but HSMAI also believes that it is important to make time to allow attendees to learn from one another. This portion of the program will spark attendee conversation, engagement, and peer-to-peer learning, taking advantage of the collective brain power at the Marketing Strategy Conference.

It will be an open exchange – in small groups – of ideas, experiences, and insights that leverages the talent in the room, and leaves you with new connections and knowledge that you can use to immediately impact your business.

The topics on tap are:
1. All Things Social Media
2. Measuring Success Today: What are the best KPIs?
3. Your Website for 2021 and Beyond
4. Marketing + Sales + Revenue + Ops = Best Practices for Collaboration
5. Rebuilding the “Right” Marketing Team

CRM 2022: The Miracle Vaccine For What Ails Your Marketing

Customer relationship management (CRM) is even more important today than it was pre-pandemic. This session will address what has changed in CRM—and provide insights into what is here to stay, what is temporary, and what’s next. It will leave you with recommendations for:

  • Getting the most out of your CRM data to optimize your marketing
  • Using CRM to leverage and expand preference, loyalty, and drive share of wallet
  • Retaining current guests and building relationships with new/prospective guests with a range of tools including email, loyalty programs, reputation management, and more
  • If you have limited resources, the most important areas on which you should focus

Michael Bennett, Chief Marketing Officer, Cendyn
J.D. Cain, VP of Sales, Revinate
Steven Gottlieb, Senior Vice President Sales & Revenue, Graduate Hotels
Theo Holloway, CHDM, Senior Director of Loyalty, Best Western Hotels & Resorts
Moderated by Isaac Gerstenzang, CHDM, CRME, Vice President Digital Marketing & CRM, Atlantis Paradise Bahamas

Make the Most of Automation Efficiencies in Paid Media

Hotel marketers today have to do more with less, and get better results from limited resources. In addition to having time to ask your questions on the topic, this session will help you make the most of automation efficiencies in paid media, and will give you practical, actionable insights into:

  • Current trends and upcoming changes in paid media—including what will change with the eventual demise of third-party cookies
  • Automation opportunities—existing today and in development—that can streamline your paid media efforts
  • What it takes to fully leverage automation in paid media, including in your metasearch strategies

Dean Schmit, Founder, Base Camp Meta
Leah Simpson, Account Director, Koddi

1st Party Data: Optimizing the Opportunities and Mitigating the Challenge

It’s no secret that first-party data—proprietary information that a company collects directly from the customer, with consent—is critical for improving relationships with customers and driving better business results. And such data will become even more essential for digital marketing success as increasing numbers of companies stop using third-party cookies to track website visitors.

This session will help you deliver on the promise of first-party data, diving deep with use cases for how brands are driving value and advantage through it. You’ll leave with key issues to consider as you look to sharpen your approach, or get started.

Claudia Ojeda, Managing Director & Partner, BCG Miami
Adam Goldberg, Principal BCG, Washington DC

Monday, September 27 | 12:30 4:30 pm

CHDM Review Course

This four-hour workshop will review the key components of the Certified Hospitality Digital Marketer (CHDM) certification materials, and is a great final “cram session” before you take the exam. Participants have the opportunity to take the CHDM exam on site immediately following the review course if they have submitted their application in advance.

It is the day before the HSMAI Marketing Strategy Conference, and 2 days before HSMAI ROC. Space is limited, and an additional registration fee is required.

Learn more about this course — and how to be approved to take the exam on site.

Reserve your seat when you register for ROC.

If you are not attending ROC, you may register for this program on its own.

Facilitated by Holly Zoba, CHDM, Principal, Scout Simply, and past chair of HSMAI’s Marketing Advisory Board

Live, in-person, on-site, face-to-face…not virtual. HSMAI is bringing two major Commercial Strategy events to Dallas in September: the Marketing Strategy Conference, September 28, and HSMAI ROC Americas, September 29. The time has come to renew, rebuild, and recover.

HSMAI Commercial Strategy events will reflect the emerging convergence of sales, marketing, revenue optimization, and other commercial functions, under one umbrella. The cornerstones of HSMAI’s events in Dallas are the conferences, but there are many other learning opportunities during the week.

Partner Insights Workshops – Monday, 9/27
Sponsored by Milestone, 3 different workshops will be offered at 1:30 pm, 2:30 pm, and 3:30 pm.

1:30 pm | Omnichannel Paid Strategies for Maximizing Revenue for Your Hotel…presented by Milestone

Learn everything about latest in meta search, Google cookies strategy, and all things Paid Marketing. Search Engine Marketing is more than just bidding on keywords. In this session, Milestone will discuss using data and creative strategies to ensuring the right channel mix and how to deliver a high Return on Investment on your paid marketing campaigns.

2:30 pm | The Art and Science of High Performing Hotel Websites…presented by Milestone

If you are looking to get your hotel website into turbo gear and compete head-on with ecommerce driven sites by OTAs and major brands, this is the perfect session for you. In this session, Milestone will share some of the latest creative design trends that drive conversion and engagement on your website. Learn how to combine beauty with the sophisticated website and mobile technology to drive higher bookings and engagement vs. your competition.

3:30 pm | How Google’s New Page Experience and Core Web Vitals Impacts 70% of Your Hotel Website Traffic…presented by Milestone

Organic and Local search drive 70%+ of your total website traffic. Confused about Google’s latest Page Experience algorithm and Core Web Vitals Benchmark, and how these new ranking factors will impact your website traffic? Wondering how to develop more engagement with your guests on different search engine channels? This is the perfect session for you to learn about the latest opportunities and trends to create a fantastic guest experience with your digital assets and driving your SEO and Search optimization.

HSMAI Executive Roundtables (by invitation only)

  • Chief Marketing Officer – Monday, 9/27
  • Chief Digital Officer – Monday, 9/27
  • Chief Loyalty Officer – Monday, 9/27
  • Chief Revenue Officer – Thursday, 9/30